Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (2023)

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  • March 16, 2022
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Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (2)

Alibaba is an excellent solution to import products from China – you have access to thousands of suppliers who can produce almost every product that exists.

But what if there are Alibaba alternatives that are better for your business? Alternatives with more high-quality suppliers? Or alternatives with more local suppliers?

In this post, we will introduce you to the top 18 Alibaba alternatives for 2023. Plus, we will also share some valuable information on how to source your products.

Why Should You Buy From Sites Like Alibaba?

Before we look at the best sites like Alibaba, it’s important to understand why you should source products from such marketplaces. Here are the most important benefits:

  • Marketplaces allow you to explore thousands of high-quality suppliers
  • Sites like Alibaba offer payment protection in case a supplier fails to honor agreements
  • Suppliers from China can offer products at a lower price because they have lower wages (only for Chinese marketplaces)
  • Chinese manufacturers can deliver large order quantities in a short amount of time
  • Nowadays, Chinese manufacturers produce high-quality products

Basically, these are the reasons why sites like Alibaba are so popular and why you should look for suppliers on these platforms.

Why Should You Look at Alibaba Alternatives?

Alibaba is the most popular B2B marketplace to source products from China and offers some significant advantages like Alipay to protect customers. In most cases, Alibaba is the first choice for ecommerce businesses and Amazon Sellers. So, why should you look at alternatives to Alibaba?

Here are the top reasons why you should explore other sites like Alibaba to find the best supplier for your business:

  • If you search for products only on Alibaba, you will find the same products as other businesses because everyone searches for products on Alibaba
  • You can probably get a better price or quality for a product
  • You might want to look for local suppliers to reduce shipping costs
  • There is probably a more comprehensive selection of products on another marketplace

These are only the most important reasons why you should check out other sites like Alibaba. Basically, you should look at all alternatives because you don’t want to limit yourself to one marketplace.

The Top Alibaba Alternatives for 2023


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (3)

GlobalSources is probably Alibaba’s most significant competitor and works quite similarly. The platform is entirely in English, and you can find manufacturers from all over the world.

However, there’s a difference between Alibaba and Global Sources. On GlobalSources, you can find more real manufacturers instead of so-called “Trading Companies” because the admission procedure is stricter.

You can’t see the prices for all products, so sometimes you have to contact a supplier to get them. Keep in mind that Alibaba’s prices are often incorrect.


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (4)

(Video) Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba]

DHGate not only looks similar to Alibaba, but it also works like Alibaba. On the platform, there are products of all kinds, and the prices are pretty similar to those on Alibaba. You can also contact suppliers and negotiate with them.

Supplier Database

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (5)

Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database is the absolute best alternative to Alibaba. You can search the database for high-quality manufactures and get valuable insights such as customer volume or confirmed shipments.

You can also manage quotes and generate purchases directly within the Supplier Database.

Definitely check out all features here.

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (6) is an online B2B marketplace with lots of suppliers from Europe. The company provides different subdomains for most countries, which makes it easier to navigate through the marketplace. You can also choose between various currencies.


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (7)

Chinabrands is also an excellentalternative to Alibaba. Chinabrands offers not only a vast selection of products but also a dropshipping service.


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (8)

Lightinthebox is a B2B marketplace with more than 60,000 products, including electronics, toys, furniture, clothing, and many other things.

Made in China

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (9)

Made in China exclusively offers products from Asia. You can also contact individual manufacturers and negotiate with them. Compared to other B2B marketplaces, you will find reasonable Minimum-Order-Quantities.


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (10)

1688 is only available in Chinese and is aimed at the Asian market. However, this should not stop you from contacting one of the manufacturers on Since Asian resellers and manufactors are much more price-sensitive than European ones, they are more price-flexible.


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (11)

IndiaMART is one of the largest B2B marketplaces in India. As the Indian supplier market becomes more interesting, especially as an alternative to the Asian market, IndiaMarket is worth a look.


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (12)

TradeIndia is another Alibaba alternative from India, and it’s beneficial for businesses related to textile/clothing. If you’re interested in the Indian supplier market, you should also check out TradeIndia.


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (13)

A B2B marketplace with mainly Korean suppliers – but there are also suppliers from China or the USA. What’s helpful is that you can filter suppliers by country.


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (14)

A South Korean company owns ECPlaza. It’s a B2B Marketplace with suppliers from all over the world.


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (15)

eWorldTrade was founded in 2006 and is based in Dallas, Texas. It’s one of the largest B2B marketplaces for electronic devices.

Quality Trade

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (16)

Quality Trade is an exclusive B2B marketplace for ISO-certified companies, making it an excellent alternative to Alibaba.

Thomas Net

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (17)

Thomas Net has been serving the needs of B2B buyers for 120 years now. On the platform, you can find manufacturers, resellers and service companies such as marketing agencies.


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (18)

Europages is not a B2B marketplace but rather a business directory. It lists companies from Europe. The website is available in any language.


Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (19)

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SoloStocks is the leading online sales portal for businesses in Spain and has a strong international presence, especially in Latin America.

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (20) is a B2B marketplace with only Chinese suppliers. It’s nearly the same as, but you can also view the site in English.


Alibaba might be the most popular B2B marketplace. However, there are lots of alternatives to Alibaba that can provide more value to your business.

Here’s a summary of the best Alibaba alternatives for 2023:

  • GlobalSources
  • DHGate
  • Supplier Database
  • Chinabrands
  • Lightinthebox
  • Made in China
  • 1688
  • IndiaMart
  • TradeIndia
  • EC21
  • ECPlaza
  • eWorldTrade
  • QualityTrade
  • ThomasNet
  • Europages
  • Solostocks

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the best suppliers on Alibaba isn’t easy. However, there’s a tool called Helium 10 Chrome Extension that can help you with it.

You can also do product research with it, and check the demand and competition of products.

If you know what product you want to source, you can search for that product on Amazon.

Let’s say you want to source a garlic press. Type “garlic press” into the Amazon search bar…

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (21)

Once the Amazon search results appear, start the Helium 10 Chrome Extension.

This is where the fun starts. Click on “Find Suppliers on Alibaba” to display the search results for the same keyword on Alibaba.

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (22)

You can then narrow down the search results by setting some filters…

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (23)

This is the best way to find a suitable supplier on Alibaba.

Usethis 50% discountto try Helium 10 for one month or sign up for free. If you sign up for free, you’ll have limited uses. After you’ve signed up, head over to Black Box:

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (24)

Then, set all the parameters to find high demand and low competition products. Here are some parameters that can indicate high demand and low competition:

  • Revenue: High revenue implies high-demand
  • Reviews: Few reviews means low competition
  • Sales Year Over Year: High growth indicates a trend product
  • Number of Images: Low number of images indicates low competition

You can enter your desired values into the Helium 10 Black Box and the tool will show you all products with these values. You can then sort the list according to your preferences:

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (25)

(Video) Forget Alibaba! Here Are 13 Better Alternatives To Find Wholesale Suppliers

If you want to sell on Amazon, you need to source products… and Alibaba is the largest online marketplace to find professional suppliers.

There are some benefits of Alibaba, which include:

  • Ability to sourceprivate label products
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Increased control over product packaging
  • Lower Minimum Order Quantities
  • A wide range of suppliers
  • One-stop-shop

There are lots of reasons why you should source your products in China:

  • Wages are lower
  • Materials are cheap
  • Lower compliance
  • Expansive supplier base
  • Excellent product quality
  • Manufactures deal with the buyer directly
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities

There might be a few reasons why you want to use another option instead of Alibaba:

  • There are lots of middle men on Alibaba, who usually offer higher prices than the real manufacturer
  • Some trading companies or manufacturers may provide a low quality
  • A lot of businesses source their products on Alibaba, so it will be hard for you to differentiate your product from the other ones
  • If you rely on Alibaba, you’ll never find other reliable (perhaps better) suppliers who are not on Alibaba

Here are some Indian equivalents of Alibaba:

  • TradeIndia
  • Indiamart
  • ExportersIndia
  • Wholesalebox
  • MilMila
  • E-IndiaWholesale
  • Tradeford

Yes. Alibaba also offers Trade Assurance.

When you’re searching for suppliers on Alibaba, you need to look for suppliers who offer Trade Assurance. You can easily find them by looking for the Trade Assurance symbol.

Keep in mind that Trade Assurance is only enforced when you pay online via

If there’s an issue with your order, you can request a refund within 30 days of product delivery.

Here’s a video about Alibaba Trade Assurance which you should check out.

One cannot claim that one of the marketplaces is better. Alibaba is a Business-to-Business marketplace. AliExpress is mainly a Business-to-Customer marketplace. Thus, Alibaba is more suited for businesses and AliExpress is more suited for private customers.

(Video) BEST Alibaba Alternatives For Amazon FBA & Shopify (2023)

Alibaba is not a wholesaler. is just a platform on which many different wholesalers can offer their products. There are also other wholesalers that do not offer their products on Alibaba.

The best opportunity to find suppliers outside of China is to go to local trade fairs. You can visit trade fairs in the US, the European Union or in India.

No. There are primarily manufacturers from India on Alibaba, but there are also manufacturers from other countries like India. Here’s a blog post from Alibaba that describes how to find Indian Suppliers on Alibaba.

Top 18 Alibaba Alternatives for 2023 [Sites Like Alibaba] (26)

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