Diving in Mallorca: The Fullest Local Experts Guide (2023)

Among many things to do in Mallorca scuba diving gives you for sure an unique possibility to explore underwater world of Mediterranean Sea. There are many places to enjoy this activity around the island. In this article our experts prepared for you all important information, so you can plan your best diving experience in Mallorca in advance. Let´s jump in!

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Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the method of underwater diving. The scuba diver is using special equipment – breathing instrument, which provides the breathing gas. To the equipment belong also mask and fins – more depends on the mode and level of the diver. For sure diving is an amazing ability with many lifestyle advantages. Also unique activity, full of incredible underwater experiences and discoveries. You can enjoy it all over the world recreationally or professionally. Just be sure you have adequated qualification.

Advantages of scuba diving

You can find many advantages of scuba diving. It increases your health and adds many benefits to your lifestyle. Our TOP5 are:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps your well being
  • Good way to relieve stress
  • It will strength your muscles
  • Connect with nature

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Why you should try scuba diving in Mallorca?

  • Crystal clear waters
  • Many interesting places f.e. caves
  • Possibility to discover fascinating underwater world of Mediterranean Sea

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Mallorca is a very good place for scuba diving and you will find many places to enjoy it. It is possible to dive alone or if you want you can join some tours with local guides. There are also some courses organized, for both beginners and advanced divers. We can say that it is pure pleasure to learn this amazing sport in the area of Balearic Islands. The sea temperatures allows you to dive almost all year – except winter season (Nov.-March). You will find big amount of nature reserves with exceptional fauna and flora to discover.

Qualification required to enjoy diving in Mallorca

In Mallorca you can find wide range of the diving sites on every level. You need to always have your diving certificate, passport and diving insurance (also participating in organized tour) .

If you would like to start your diving adventure in Mallorca, there are some very high level schools to do that. In this way you will get the instructor and your qualifications built step by step.

TOP 10 places to enjoy scuba diving in Mallorca

Cabrera Island

Located near the south coast of Mallorca, little island and National Park of Cabrera is one of the most popular and beautiful places to enjoy diving in Mallorca. You can admire much isolated and very diversed underwater area of Mediterranean Sea. The island gives you also opportunity to dive in extraordinary Blue Cave – must to do during your diving adventure here.

Important! It is good to book your diving times before – visitors restrictions.

Meet with:


  • barracuda shoals
  • red starfish
  • sea turtles
  • dolphins

Open Water, Advanced Open Water

Dragonera Island

Next one of the little islands near Mallorca. Incredible diving location and also area under protection since 1995. Would you like to dive in the caves in Balearic Islands full of air bubbles? This is your place! If you are much advanced diver you can also visit a wreck near Dragonera (34 m depth).

Meet with:


  • shrimps
  • lobsters
  • eagle rays

Advanced Open Water, Wreck Specialty, Deep

Palma Harbour Wreck- experienced divers only

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This is a total highlight for divers with more experience and wreck interest! Huge old cargo shipwreck in front of the Palma de Mallorca, where you can also entere some rooms is for sure something unique. Just visit and imagine how all was working there before…

Meet with:


  • barracudas
  • nudi branches
  • small damselfish

Advanced Open Water, Wreck Specialty

Islands of Malgrats

Diving in Mallorca: The Fullest Local Experts Guide (5)

Great for those who are staying near Santa Ponsa and looking for a diving spot located not far away from the coast. Lovely variety of flora and fauna and wreck diving possibility. Area protected since 2004.

Meet with:


  • red coral reefs
  • octopi
  • morays

Open Water, Advanced Open Water

Isla del Sec

Diving in Mallorca: The Fullest Local Experts Guide (6)

Very specific and unforgettable diving area in Mallorca. All of it is focus on two wrecks located there and huge biodiversity, also with scorpion fish! Wrecks are located on approx. depth of 18m and 25m. Highly recommended spot to visit!

Meet with:


  • octopi
  • congers
  • scorpion fish

Advanced Open Water

Sa Madonna

Jump on the boat and enjoy the dive to meet Madonna. It is a statue, which was put in the cave by fishermen as a thank you to the Mediterranean Sea. The cave is really big and the max depth of this diving in Mallorca experience is 25m.

Meet with:


  • Madonna 😉

Advanced Open Water

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Playa de Illetas – good for beginners

It is a beach located in south east part of Mallorca and nice shore dive place to meet wide range of local species. The max depth is approx. 30 m.

Meet with:


  • congers
  • wrasses
  • octopi

Open Water

Island Sa Porrassa

Diving in Mallorca: The Fullest Local Experts Guide (7)

Very nice dive spot in Mallorca for beginners with possibility to see the dolphins! Sa Porrassa Island is located in the Magaluf Bay, so if you are staying in the near, we highly recommend to try diving there. Just be sure not to go out a night before 😉

Meet with:


  • barracudas
  • octopi
  • dolphins

Open Water

Cala Montjo

One of the best diving in Mallorca spots for divers on different levels. If you are a group of friends with mixed diving experience, this place will be great to enjoy for everybody. The greatest part of this dive is the underwater tunnel located approx. on 25m depth.

Meet with:


  • meagres
  • salps
  • bryozoans
  • castanets

Open Water, Advanced Open Water


Diving in Mallorca: The Fullest Local Experts Guide (8)

As the name suggest it is a unique dive route between the caves, tunnels and holes. It is located near Cala Bona and will be for sure a nice adventure during your holidays.

Meet with:


  • moray eels
  • red starfish

Open Water

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Snorkelling activities

For those of you, who are not so advanced to go scuba diving, we have few options to try snorkelling. We are sure that it will be a great first underwater experience and will bring you even more motivation to focus on improving diving skills. Just click on the activity name for more details.

Diving in Mallorca: The Fullest Local Experts Guide (9)
COVID-19 changes
Due to the Covid 17 situation the providers decided to not provide snorkelling equipment on some tours. They still make a swimming stops, so you are free to come with your own equipment. Please confirm the details always with our customer service before the tours.

Coast Coves and Caves

It is 3 hrs boat tour, during which you can enjoy amazing views of northern Mallorca. Full of possibilities to swim, snorkel, chill in the caves with crystal blue waters. Recommended activity for families.

The Challenge

The best tour for all adventure seekers. During one trip you can enjoy several activities like kayak, snorkel, coast trekking and even cliff jumping! Do not hesitate to try it and experience this uniqe time.

Robinson Catamaran

It is a whole day catamaran trip in Pollensa Bay, with amazing views of Cap Formentor, few swimming and snorkelling stops, chillout and relax. Also lunch included in price. Full day amazing experience to enjoy with the group of friends.

Snorkeling Activity Mallorca

This is 3 hrs snorkel focus tour, which includes also insurance, equipment, speed boat ride, monitor. Great idea to spend time with family or friends. It is also suitable for beginners, but you need to be able to swim.

All Inclusive Catamaran in Mallorca

The best option in the south of Mallorca with beginning in Port de Palma. 4 hrs tour with lunch, swimming stops and activities. Amazing route to admire south coast of Mallorca.

Palma Aquarium

If you are not an outdoor person or you are unable to snorkel or dive, we also have the option for you to meet marine life. Visit Palma Aqarium! You will meet underwater creatures from around the world, be a spectator during the sharks feeding, walk in the jungle… All of it in one place. If you would like to get more information how to organize your Palma Aquarium experience check our post below.

Palma Aquarium Guide

Palma Aquarium is one of the best tourist attractions in Mallorca and is open all year. In this guide we would like to share a lot of important information, so you can plan your amazing visit.

Hope our article was useful for you and you can plan your ultimate scuba diving experience in Mallorca. If you have any questions or would like to tell us about some idyllic diving spot around Mallorca, leave us a comment below.

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